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Sticks and Stones Residential Painting: Douglas County, NV

Sticks and Stones Residential Painting: Douglas County, NV Free Estimate Exterior House Painting BECAUSE FIRST IMPRESSIONS MATTER The Exterior is Everything! It’s not about just having a nice façade when someone pulls up to your home, it’s about making them stop and say “Wow!” Your exterior reflects the pride and care you have when it comes to your property—so what do you want the outside of your house to say…Is it weathered, peeling in places, looking a bit neglected? Then it’s...

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EXTERIOR PAINTING EXTERIOR PAINTING Is the outside of your house looking dingy, with paint peeling in some areas?A great exterior paint job can make your home stand out from your neighbors and boost your resale value. The exterior finish is also important for protection against the elements.Preparation is the most important step towards ensuring a beautiful and long-lasting exterior paint job.Proper preparation starts with cleaning the surface to be treated, to remove loose paint, dirt, mold and mildew in order...

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